Way forward for Fashion

The fashion industry using its ever changing trends has already established a big role to play in polluting the environment. However with growing awareness among the consumers, many apparel manufacturers have switched to employing eco-friendly ways of production. We discusses about the sustainable technologies and procedures getting used in the industry to create fashion green.


“Fashion isn’t something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is incorporated in the sky, in the street, in the way we live and what is happening around us.”- Coco Chanel

Fashion is really a means to express one’s ideas, culture and values, interests and personality. Fashion continues to be evolving because the Nineteenth century when Charles worth experienced labels sewn into garments he created.

Despite the fact that fashion has evolved through decades of continually creating demands when you are stylish and fascinating, its effect on environmental surroundings has become increasingly hazardous. Being one of the greatest players within the global economy, the style industry holds the responsibility to safeguard and save the environment and it is precious resources. Insatiable and increasing needs are putting unnecessary pressure around the environment. The culture of affordable shopping has led to rise in the amount of shopaholics, thus increasing shopping.

Since Fashion cannot die. It’s the necessity of the hour to recognize potential sources to reduce the pressure it exerts around the environment. The textile market is one of the greatest culprits. The World Bank reveals that the textile business single-handedly contributes to 18-20 % of globally industrial water quality from dyeing and pre-treatment of materials and textiles. A large amount of solid and fluid wastes are released into water bodies throughout the manufacture of textiles. Processes in textile mills result in air pollution levels containing several harmful chemicals including chlorine and hydrogen sulphide.

Consumers and clothing producers have become aware of the dangerous consequences and therefore are trying for alternative technologies to protect environmental surroundings.

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