The Beginners Tutorial To Adobe Premiere

An introduction

The entire process of video making, starts from its shooting to editing is a well-sequenced series of steps that run in a loop and work together to prepare the best quality of videos that are not only lucrative but also deliver the required message for which they were prepared. Out of the large number of softwares available for video making, the most popular choice is Adobe Premiere due to its easy interface and sleek performance in all types of devices. With its fine filters to make the best quality of videos and audio integration to make audio-visual contents, this software is indeed a dynamic one and also easy to learn. This article is an adobe premiere tutorial for the newbies and beginners into the world of video editing.

What is Adobe Premiere?

Adobe Premiere is a video editing, graphic designing and web development software developed by the Adobe Systems that acts as a new tool for video composition and editing. It is an optimised software that keeps some of the original aspects of a video intact and integrates a wide range of audios and videos of different formats to enhance the functionality and viewership aspect of a video. It also provides the space to allow special effects, transitions and real time editing to be integrated in order to make the video livelier.

Adobe Premiere

The features and advantages

This software provides the following features which help in making high quality of DVD and video files with enhanced content: –

  • Real time and non-linear editing of the video in order to impart the artistic traits to the video and make it more appealing
  • Colour correction feature based on the interface of Adobe Photoshop
  • A sleek video processor to process the videos fastly
  • A customised workspace with multiple and hierarchical timelines
  • An audio mixer that supports a wide ranges of formats of audio and video files
  • Using of real time key frames for the graphics animations
  • Easy integration with the other products of Adobe like Photoshop, After Effects and Encore

It has the following advantages that provide a better notch to it: –

  • Real time and non-linear editing to make the videos more attractive
  • Better performance and supports a wide range of audio and video formats
  • Involves a use of wide range of tools and easy accessibility to work environment settings of Windows
  • A well-set timeline of the videos

Easy to learn features

Following are some easy to learn features of the software: –

  • Supporting a wide range of video formats like AVI, MPEG to have a professional level of video editing
  • Easy addition of titles in the videos and Motion Module to crop the videos easily
  • A highly customised workspace with more than sufficient options available for video editing

Hence understanding and learning Premiere Pro is very easy and takes less time. To aid for this, a number of video lectures and PDF materials are also available that detail each and every feature of the same in a concise manner.

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