Sock Styles That Work with the Korean Look

As you guys already know, the Korean look is ultra casual. Good quality clothes are important, but the look is always informal.

In 2016, things are moving on, but the emphasis is still on short trousers, soft shoes and short-sleeved shirts made from natural materials. During the summer months, the Korean style works perfectly in any country, but in many parts of the world, dressing like that in the winter is just not possible. You would freeze if you did.

However, you can still maintain the Korean look and keep warm. All you need to do is to swap knee length short pants for cargo style trousers with a loose, but not baggy cut. Many of the street fashion labels that are popular in America and Europe carry something suitable.

Sock Styles

You can still wear the short-sleeved tops you do in the summer. The trick to staying warm is to add an extra layer or two.

Sweats or hoodies work well for this, combined with a jacket. When inside, in the warm, you can strip back to the basic Korean look and cover up again when it is time to go outside.

HUF socks look good combined with the latest Korean footwear look. They are well made, stylish, warm and comfortable, so are the perfect way to finish off your outfit.

When it comes to spring hats, you definitely have to go with a baseball cap. If it is cold, stick a beanie on, but wear it underneath. The older style snap back is a good choice, but stick with the plain cotton ones rather than the newer leather ones. The Korean look is very simple and crisp, so colourful accessories do not really work for fans of this style.

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