Side Effects Of Dianabol On Your System

You must be familiar with the word-steroid. The organic compound arranged in a specific molecular configuration with four rings on it. It helps in enhancing metabolism and signalling molecules. From this, it is very clear that steroids are necessary for our better functioning of body. In same fashion, Dianabol is the top most performing steroid which produces muscle mass and strength. It is often termed as Dbol. Dbol acts on the androgen receptors where it enhances the synthesis of protein and glycogenolysis in the body. Now just like every coin has two sides, Dbol too has some good and side effects if not taken in right amount. It is considerate for men if taken in high dose. But it is harmful to women in high doses.

The side effects of Dbol are not always true; it is just a matter of chance. So, it is better to know the possible side effects of it and with respect to it the use of Dbol must be opted for. Dianabol is best for men as it is androgenic and is harmful to women in high doses as it increases the signs of virilisation.

Side Effects Of Dianabol

Let’s check out some of the side effects:-

  • When adult male takes it, the natural production of testosterone gets supressed. And with this supressed level of testosterone several consequences are likely to happen. So, it is advised to take a supplemental form of exogenous testosterone.
  • With the supressed level of testosterone, which is made in testicles, makes the production severely slow and due to it testicles naturally atrophies as there is no activity.(shape and size is being decreased)

 A healthy man can avoid all the side effects of the Dbol but if he is not then it is better for him not to risk his health. The various serious side effects mentioned below are likely to happen if specific precautions are not taken for:

  1. Bloating and retention of water
  2. Gynecomastia (enlarging of male breast)
  3. High blood pressure and Hypertension
  4. Raising of LDL Cholesterol Level
  5. Lowering of HDL Cholesterol Level

If an adult is already having a high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, then he must not think of Dbol in-take.
With the side effects in discussion, it’s a must thing to discuss the preventive steps against these side effects.

  • The problem arises due to build-up of estrogen in our system due to the aromatising effect. So, in order to supress that an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) is used mostly Letrozole and Arimidex to curb down the aromatising effect of estrogen.
  • The most common prevention is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One needs to take nutritious food and maintain a healthy diet (containing omega-3 fatty acids) so that blood pressure and cholesterol level gets controlled.
  • Drinking alcohol and beverages should be avoided. In fact any substance that increases your stress should be avoided.
    Overall it’s effective for mass and strength gains. 20-40 mg everyday dose is considered fine. To overcome side effects it is beneficial to use supplementary forms.

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