New Advertising: A fresh platform for fashion industry

New Media is really a catch term of the 21st Century. Very extensively, new media is something related to the web and the interplay among technology, images, and sound. It’s about making things digital, and has characteristics to be altered, networkable, dense, compressible and interactive.

The various kinds of new media are internet, websites, computer multimedia, computer games, CD-ROMS and DVDs. The populace of internet users is increasing at a very fast rate. In accordance with a nationally consultant survey through the Pew Research Centre’s World wide web and United states Life Project, some 70 % of American adults aged 18 and older have speed-broadband connection at home adjusted May 2013. India has got the 3rd largest web surfer population after China and also the US as reported.

Fashion Advertising

The world wide web is one of the types of new media which we use thoroughly. We say humans are social animals. We currently say humans are digital animals. We tweet, re-tweet, share, post, upload, comment, like, follow and update 24/7. For all of us, being social means going digital in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube . com, let’s consider most commonly used social networking networks. Not only is our social interaction getting digitalised, our whole way of life is also getting progressively affected by the web.

People chat, have on the internet conversations and discussion boards on micro-blogging sites, read books, magazines, and newspapers on the internet, shop online, email, and surf various search engines for everything they want to know either on their own phones or tablets. Social networking is easily the most popular sort of new media used for virtual communication, that allows us to remain connected to all of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances using the mouse click.

Social media and fashion

Fashion Adertising

The fashion market uses social media as a promising platform for connecting with consumers directly. Social media is used by brands of all the categories. It’s also played a major role in assisting the fashion industry get in touch with a much wider subscriber base with lesser costs and much more presence in the digital world. All fashion brands and designers possess a Facebook page, along with a Twitter as well as an Instagram accounts. Brands have also started previewing their selections exclusively on Pinterest.

To drive growth, to be more unique, and also to augment anyone’s online brand experience, luxury brands Lv, Dolce & Gabbana, and Burberry have launched their particular social networks. Chanel and its social media site also offers launched a credit card applicatoin with Apple where it enables users to catch up on the latest news, watch exclusive ready-to-wear shows, search through looks, and in addition locate stores nearby. DKNY utilized Instagram to have interaction one-to-one with fans.

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