How to Assess Your Fitness before Starting Your Workout Routine

It does not matter at which age you are starting your fitness program. Before starting a fitness program, it is imperative to go for the fitness level test. This will determine the level of your fitness. Your physical instructor will understand where you stand and accordingly he will make fitness goals for you. If you make fitness goals according to your ability, then there are greater chances that you will achieve them. If you have crossed 40 years of age, then go for a total body checkup and take the green signal from your physician. Ask your fitness expert about consuming Stanozolol Landerlan Oral.

Resting heart rate

Fitness before Starting Your Workout Routine

Your physician will check your pulse rate. This will show that how your heart is functioning when you are at rest. You can do it by yourself, but your physician will find out other problems related to it. While exercising or walking on a treadmill if your heart rate is increasing, then keep a note of it. Record everything in your exercise log and discuss it with your physician. Moreover, after working out for a couple of days your pulse rate will decrease. This is because your body will adapt to the kind of stress you give.

Activity heart rate

This is measured when you are working out for 15 minutes at a moderate pace. You can do aerobic exercises for 15 minutes, walk on a treadmill, or use a stationary bike. Your activity heart rate will be higher and it will come down as you enhance your fitness level.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is also important and there are two types of values. Systolic and diastolic, former means when your heart is contracting whereas the latter means when the heart is at relaxing position. The ideal blood pressure values are 120/80. 140/90 is a point when you need to take special care to maintain your blood pressure. If you are already suffering from high BP, then it is imperative to consult your doctor. He will reduce the intake of salt in your diet. He will give a diet chart in accordance with your problem. In order to stay safe and healthy you can also measure blood pressure at home. Your physician will tell you whether you can use Stanozolol Landerlan Oral or not.

Body mass index

This is a measure of how much fat your body has in relation to your body weight. There are many BMI calculators available on the Internet. The normal BMI range is between 18 to 24, whereas overweight BMI is between 25 to 29. After knowing your BMI range you can set a goal for yourself to decrease it and enhance the quality of your health.

Muscular strength and endurance

You can test your muscle strength and endurance by push-up test. This test is simple and it will give an idea about the strength of upper body. It will also show the overall fitness. You simply need to do 40 push-ups in one minute. If you can perform this task, then it indicates that you have excellent fitness level.

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