How Social media marketing Is Driving Sustainability and Ethics in the Fashion Industry

The sustainable fashion industry is gathering pace as consumers start to think much more about what they buy and then try to decrease the impact of their purchases. One of the reasons for the developing success of environmentally friendly and ethical fashion is social networking and how it can educate, share stories about brands, negative and positive, alert customers to the large number of choice out there, create communities and permit individuals to become key influence rs because they to make their views and elegance choices known to their peers and also the brands that they purchase from.

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Labor Behind the Label is a campaigning organization raising awareness of ethical issues within the fashion industry. Recently it required Adidas pay US$1.8 million in severance owed to two, 800 workers from the former Indonesia supplier, PT Kimono and attracted over 50,000 supporters. Labor Behind the Label also have instigated many other campaigns together with a demand brands to ban sandblasted denim jeans by motivating proponents to, among other things post to the brands Face book page having a link back to the campaign website. This isn’t the actual first time that Adidas have found themselves a subject related to the public’s disagreement expressed through social media marketing. The company withdrew its shackle trainer when, its debut on their Face book page prompted comments demeaning the style denoting slavery.

In addition to increasing awareness and driving change in relation to bad practices in the fashion industry, social media marketing has also become a positive force in spreading news of firms that are becoming in right, creating a difference and have a great story to tell. Social media marketing includes a selection of different platforms and networks that are being used to assist ethical brands tell their stories.

YouTube has become the most widely used and for AW13 London Fashion Week, a number of ethical fashion videos were broadcast included in Antithetical prior to being posted on the internet where they can be viewed, dispersed through other social media marketing and posted in blogs.

The significance of social media marketing to marketers is due to the way in which it could drive and accelerate social proofing. Social proof is the method in which we validate what is the norm by exploring the behavior of others. Social media marketing greatly magnifies this process by allowing us use of a much greater number of people to validate ourselves against than many people could experience of the offline world. The powerful social networks of influences and advocates of sustainable and ethical fashion that grow on social media marketing platforms play a vital role within this social proofing.

Within the various social media platforms are communities comprised of individuals with a desire for a specific subject, their impact however extends well beyond their actual community and also the more they interact, the more they grow. There are a number of social media communities that are driving alternation in consumer habits by encouraging fashionistas to make do and mend up cycle and wear vintage and secondly hand clothing. This coupled with relocating away from trend led looks to particular person style statements is helping to alter exactly what is considered cool.

Street style photographs, fashion blogs and outfits sharing websites all assistance to inspire rather than dictate how people should dress and have helped to create a democratization associated with where consumers convey more option and access to numerous much more brands compared to those available on high street shops. Even the concept of buying less is becoming a subject of much discussion on social networking as bloggers take on challenges to look stylish for a week, month or even a year simply by wearing limited pieces of clothing or without buying something new. Perhaps probably the most well known of those challenges is the Uniform Project where one girl pledged to wear just a little black dress for 365 days being an exercise in sustainable fashion but there have been many more. Labor behind the Label also runs challenging called the six items challenge to assist raises both funds and understanding of the difficulties encompassing ethical practices in the fashion industry.

As the world of social media and fashion 2.0 is constantly on the expand and develop, in addition the ways in which we discover, share, become informed about and consume fashion. Hopefully social media marketing continuously empower consumers allowing style conscious individuals to embrace both style and sustainability and brands to find new models for working that ensure they are practicing and communicating their ethics within the best approach. Social networking has exposed communication and these are only able to be considered a good thing when it comes to increasing transparency and choice in the fashion industry.

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