Could Injections Put an End to Moisturizer?

Wrinkles and hiccups go hand in hand—both are kind of very annoying, but inevitable occurrences. However, unlike hiccups that you can cure with just a sip of water, wrinkles cannot just fade away. So one time I positioned myself to do a plastic surgery to eliminate the small wrinkles appearing on my forehead. But my mother warned me that if I fail to get an experienced plastic surgeon, I would end up having a “disgusting” look. So I sat back on my computer to explore several options and I came to see a word, “skin-boosting” which is a new Botox technique. Now I became sure of what I am going to consider for my improved natural look!

botox for facial wrinkles in Pittsburgh
What is skin-boosting?

This type of Botox involves an injection of hyaluronic acid (HA), a highly moisturizing ingredient, into the skin to remove wrinkles. It is designed for both shallow and deep injections as HA is capable of holding its molecular mass 1000 times more in water. The procedure constitutes 100 injections which consist of a saline and Volbella solutions. Once injected to the chin from the forehead, the injection diffuses into the surface of the skin thereby smoothing the lines and bolstering elasticity for a long period of time, between 6 and 9 months.

How the injections work

The injections will be able to give you an immediate improvement in the textural appearance of the skin since the HA content plumps from within. The injection formula also causes long term firmness of the skin because the dermal fillers used enhance elastin and collagen. The advanced skin treatment, unlike plastic surgery, remains localized in the place of injection. If the cosmetic specialist injects your face, don’t expect the result to be shown up to your toes! However, the injection solution may migrate up to 5 cm from its injection point. But even if some of the solution diffuses to the bloodstream, the injection doses are usually low that they would not cause any harm.

The procedure won’t make you numb

During the procedure, you may ask: “How come after the injection I am still able to feel when I touch my face?” This is because there are two types of body nerves, one that is responsible for motion while the other for feelings. The Botox injections will only block your synapses of motion, but not feeling.

In few days, you shall have a smoother skin!

Skin-boosting inactivates your muscles and as such the muscles do not pull or fire on the skin. Thus, the process reduces animation. Within three to four days after the injection, you will be able to see your muscle contract i.e., the lines forming wrinkles will be gone.

It will not just be the wrinkles, Botox has multiplier effect!

Botox biological blocking powers can help in treating several disorders including muscular disorders, migraines, and bowel disorders. The procedure is also able to treat lose bladder control, stiffness of muscles, muscle spasms, and excessive sweating. What is more, the injections last longer in controlling sweatiness since the muscles treated as far larger than the sweat glands.

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