As the bump on your belly grows bigger and bigger, it may feel like a challenge to stay active and in-shape.

However, it’s vital to maintain an exercise regimen throughout your pregnancy, as it improves your mood and sleep patterns, and relieves the aches and pains during the nine months.

If you’re pregnant and looking for a way to stay active, there’s no need to exclude yourself from an active lifestyle.

pregnant-woman exercise

The following are several exercises that are ideal for pregnant women, and a great way to stay fit and active: Walking: First and foremost, the main goal of exercising is to get up off the couch and start moving around.

Therefore, walking is a great exercise for pregnant women, given its simple, yet powerful benefits. Not only does it provide a cardiovascular workout, it can be done nearly anywhere and only requires a good pair of shoes.

 For pregnant women, starting out on a flat surface at an easy pace is a great way to ease into the exercise. Afterward, adding longer distances and steeper

Inclines can provide a more satisfying workout. Swimming: Looking for a low-impact sport that works out your entire body? If so, then you may want to consider adding swimming into your exercise regimen. Placing your body in an aquatic, buoyant environment reduces the tension and impact on your joints.

 In addition, the gentle resistance of the water allows you to work out a variety of muscles without too much strain. Dancing: Dancing is a great way to get your body moving while having fun at the same time.

  If this activity fits alongside your tastes, then try looking for classes and gyms that offer dancing programs specifically for pregnant women. If you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home, DVDs or dance-themed video games are a great way to get started.

However, keep in mind that you’ll want to refrain from more rigorous dance moves, as this may increase the strain on your body. Yoga: Another popular exercise recommended for pregnant women is yoga.

 Yoga offers a variety of benefits throughout the entire body, ranging from a flexibility and joint mobility to muscle toning.

While there are different practices within the sphere of yoga, many focus on exercises ideal for pregnant women, such as posture, core, and breathing exercises.

 Beyond its physical benefits, yoga can also improve the mental state as it can help improve concentration and relieve stress throughout pregnancy.

Strength Training: If you maintained a relatively active lifestyle before pregnancy, the added weight throughout the months can be frustrating.

However, there’s no need to give up your fitness schedule, as long as you practice safety for both you and your baby. Try lifting light weights and working your way up, in order to keep your muscles toned and strong.

 In addition, strength training can play a role in easing the pregnancy, as your body is more prepared for the rigors of childbirth.

But with strength training and any exercise, make sure that you consult your doctor before engaging in a workout.

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