5 Celebrities Who Wore Braces as an Adult

There are perhaps more brace wearers lurking among the celebrity glitterati and populating Hollywood than most people realise, or imagine. Who then are five of the biggest names to have sported the ‘metal mouth’ look in recent years? Let’s take a closer look.

Gwen Stefani

In 2016 when Asian teens are opting to wear ‘fashion braces’ simply because braces are now considered ‘cool’, it is definitely less surprising to see a celeb sporting the ‘brace face’ look, even into adulthood. Rewind a whole decade though and some people may be surprised to learn that this is not a new phenomenon, at least not amongst some of the quirkier and more individual stars and artists of the time such as No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani.

In 1999 when Gwen was first papped wearing a full set of top and bottom silver braces, questions abounded in the press as to why she needed them. After all, anyone who had seen Gwen’s teeth would ask; they looked perfectly, well, perfect. When asked directly, the answer was no less a shock to many, with Gwen simply explaining that as a teen she had always wanted to wear braces but hadn’t much of a need and had even less money to permit her to afford them. Hence, once Gwen hit the big time with her band mates and whilst others might hit the party scene or shops, Gwen headed straight for the dentist’s chair.

Gwen Stefani

To read more about how braces have taken Asia by storm and Gwen’s own thinking behind her choice to bling up her smile back in the 90s, give the Cosmopolitan Magazine website article: ‘Fake braces are the hot new beauty trend in Asia’ a gander.

Emma Watson

It is easy to think of Emma Watson, the fresh faced UK star turned Hollywood actress and sigh with envy. Having risen to fame due to her part in the massively popular Harry Potter film franchise playing studious (and let’s face it, ‘geeky’) but ultimately heroic Hermione Granger, Emma is the first to admit that life growing up in the lime light wasn’t always or in every way something to smile about.

It is true every teen can empathise with the nightmares of teenage pimples and puberty, but to add to that the almost constant presence or threat of paparazzi and filming what would become a block buster movie franchise before its completion and it is no wonder Emma was not best pleased to have to sink her teeth into the reality of wearing braces. That said, that is exactly what the young star did, proving that even the glitterati sometimes need a little help in order to sparkle, and sparkle she does; Emma’s now perfect pearly whites are proof that if braving braces really is worthwhile, even if you have to do it in adulthood.

Faith Hill

At 45 years old Faith Hill famously hit the 2005 Grammy Awards and red carpet wearing a stunning gown and glitzy look that she completed unashamedly with a sparkling set of ‘tinsel teeth’, or adult braces.

In fact, Faith had been wearing her dental braces for a number of months before the Grammy Award Show rolled into town, but it none the less surprised and shocked a fair few photographers to see the star chose not to have them removed or hide her smile when she hit the red carpet. Consequently, Faith was asked in numerous interviews and by a fair few journalists as to her braces and reasons behind wearing them.

In true country girl style, Faith refused to get embarrassed, instead she openly admitted  that whilst she wore braces as a teenage her habit of forgetting to use her retainer as a teen had result in her need to once again embrace braces as an adult.

Tom Cruise

Why leave it so long or opt for adult braces having reached such mega stardom without them and prior to the early 2000s? Well, having found himself propelled into worldwide stardom by this point and with his youthful looks no longer detracting from his somewhat crooked gnashers, it is perhaps not then so surprising that Tom decided to finally get his dental affairs straightened out, quite literally. Hence, in 2002 Tom had  braces affixed, choosing to opt for ceramic brackets which prevented the braves from being too obvious.

Fortunately for brave wearers these days and whilst ceramic brackets are undeniably an ‘almost invisible’ option, Invisalign braces are in 2016 by far the least obvious and choice of brace to plump for. In fact, permitting brace wearers to ‘save face’ as much as save their smile, Invisalign braces are widely available from many UK based private dental practises and as such are well worth looking into if your teeth are holding you back.

To learn more about how Invisalign braces work from one of the UK based practises that offer them, head over to the Queens Gate Orthodontics website.

Faye Dunway

Not so hot on the tail of Gwen Stefani a decade before her, but none the less embracing a metal mouth just as proudly and at the ripe old age of 61, Faye Dunway said of her decision to give braces that with age she’d let her teeth go a bit and so opted to wear braces then for purely cosmetic reasons, proving you are never too long in the tooth.

When Faye finally had her braces removed she went on to subsequently have veneers affixed to further spruce her smile and by doing so serves as another reason why it is never too late to give braces a go; even when worn for purely cosmetic reasons, braces can straighten out crooked teeth and take years off a person’s age as well as preparing teeth for any  subsequent procedures such as having dental veneers.

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