Birthdays are a time of celebration.  Every year, everyone is guaranteed the one day that is all theirs.  When it is your birthday, you get to enjoy the day as others pay you a little more attention, give you gifts and celebrate their connection with you.  On the other hand, when you are celebrating a friend or family member’s birthday, the pressure is on to deliver a great gift.

 Here are a few ideas of unique gifts you can give. Big Day out when you’re struggling to buy a gift for someone who has all the material things they may want, a day out may be just the thing.  Giving your own time and creating memories together is worth more than almost any material gift you could give.

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  Plan a night out at a new or favorite restaurant and reaffirm that their birthday isn’t the only day of the year that they are #1.  Another way to celebrate is to go see a concert of one of their favorite bands or catch their favorite author on tour.  Get a personalized autograph of one of their favorite books or albums, and watch their face light up as they open it.Gift of Yourself Everyone has a talent for something.

Depending on what yours is, you may be able to make a gift of it.  All too often, people put some of these things to the side at a young age, unless they decide to make a career of it.  If you have a knack for drawing, singing, or any other type of art – consider making a personalized gift.  Sculpt something fun for your friend’s office.  Record them a song.  Make a funny YouTube video to brighten their day.  It doesn’t have to be perfect – the personal effort that goes into it will undoubtedly be appreciated.

 Help around the House this one may be a little tricky.  If you know someone that needs help with a project at their house and you are capable of finishing it, go for it.  Secure a spare key and get them out of the house for a day by enlisting the help of their spouse, roommate, or parent.

 Then head over and help with wood finishes on their porch, painting a room, or putting together some furniture.  This way, when they get home, they are able to relax and enjoy your handiwork. Next time you see someone else’s birthday coming up on the calendar, keep this in mind:  A personalized gift is something they’ll always remember.

  They won’t return it because they have two of them, and it just might make their birthday. Featured images: Alyssa Golden is an avid blogger always looking to share her experiences and recommendations. She loves finding the perfect gift. You can follow her on Twitter @madeofGolden.



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