Weight loss is a multimillion dollar industry that is full of misinformation, dietary fats, and an incredible amount of overcomplicated training advice. The situation is simple – you need to burn more calories than you are consuming each day in order to start shedding pounds, and if you want to shed weight quickly, you have to put the effort in over a period of time.

 This doesn’t mean that you simply stop eating in order to achieve this, as this is the quickest way to make yourself ill! Step Aerobics There are plenty of great weight loss exercises out there, but none compares to the calorific usage of step aerobics.


 It is estimated that an intense step aerobics session lasting an hour can burn up to 800 calories, which is great news if you are trying to lose weight. If you complete an intense hour long session for five or six days a week, you will begin to see measurable results after just two weeks. Depending on your start weight and body condition, it may be better for you to split the sessions into two half hour periods as this will enable you to put maximum effort in for an hour a day.

 If you really struggle to keep up for a solid hour (which is not easy) simply do two half hour sessions instead as it will be much more beneficial.CyclingIf you have the ability to get on a bike and get outside for an hour a day riding, then this is a perfect way to get into shape fast. Depending on the intensity of your ride, you can burn between 500 and 1000 calories per hour, which is a pretty awesome way to lose weight.

If the weather is good and you have a safe area to ride in, cycling is sure to improve your overall mental wellbeing too. If you are not in a position to get into the great outdoors, a good exercise bike will do the trick. You can even workout whilst watching your favorite TV program, just make sure that you are working as hard as possible for as long as possible to achieve the best results.

Cross Trainer If you are a member of the local gym, get yourself on the cross trainer if you want to lose weight. This machine will help you burn off up to 600 calories an hour, which is great news for your fitness regime. Simply plug in your headphones and start working out.

Before you know it your body will be slimming down to your ideal weight. One reason that the cross trainer is so great is that it really helps to tone up your abs, legs and arms at the same time, which means that with regular sessions on this machine you will look and feel great all over! All of these exercises are perfect for weight loss as they are high-calorie burners but have a low impact on the bones.

Running is another great exercise for losing weight, but it can cause a lot of stress on the joints if you are not used to it.Author Bio Claire Wilson is a fitness fanatic with a passion for healthy eating. She loves sharing his knowledge of the keto diet plan, sports, and physical wellbeing through blogging. I am a freelance writer from the UK usually covering health, fitness, lifestyle, career, business and self-management.



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