People have the tendency to pack a lot of unnecessary things and still forget something most basic or essential. While a pro backpacker knows his priorities well, it is important that occasional wanderers learn a trick or two for packing light and right. Here are the ten essential things which you must pack before heading for a holiday destination: Sleeping bag: If you are going for an adventure holiday onto a wild or remote locale, then it would be crucial to have a sleeping bag or kit with you.


You don’t know where you will end up at night! In the absence of a good hotel, you may just have to lie down under the stars. A snuggly, comfy and safe sleeping bag would be an ideal ally. Water bottle: It may sound as something trivial and less significant, but having one (or more) with you always helps.

When you are out there exploring the local geography, you may need to carry your water with you. Who knows if you will get hygienic water at that place or not? So, unless you are a camel and can store the life-giving liquid in your hump, it will be essential to carry your water with you.

Ideally, you should carry a light & disposable plastic bottle. Appropriate footwear: Another area which is neglected by sporadic vacationers! While we all carry flashy heels and decorative shoes, we rarely pack in extra slippers or a sports shoe or beach footwear. It is important to pack in extra footwear after assessing the conditions of your destination.

Travel documents: You definitely need all your travel documents and it is always recommended that you carry a photocopy of them as well. They would be helpful if you run into some trouble. First aid kit: You may fall over the rocky ledge; your kids may suffer from nausea or dehydration; your stomach may get upset due to unfamiliar food; someone may develop the fever or a headache- in short, an injury or ailment can knock anytime without any forewarning.

So, carry your first aid box with you. Adapters: You will feel virtually handicapped and disconnected from the world if your gadgets (cell phone, laptop, camera, iPod, etc.) run out of power at an unfamiliar place. Never forget to carry your chargers and plug-in adapters! Sanitary napkins: Women must always carry sanitary napkins, even if the trip is a short one.

Lock: Make sure to carry a lock with you so that you can secure your traveling bag later on. Since you may be enveloped by unknown faces and non-trustworthy people, it would be vital to keep your bags locked all the time. Swimming gear: If you are heading for a seaside destination, then do not forget to pack in the swimming gear.

In case, you are a sports enthusiast and plan to go for snorkeling or surfing, then you should also pack your sports gear (i.e. if you own any).A pen knife or a pepper spray bottle: As an added safety measure, it would be good to have one of these, just in case! Few words about the author: Author is an avid blogger & travel writer and loves photography when she is on holidays.

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